MBH - 5" 125mm - Copper Hybrid


  • MBH - 5" 125mm - Copper Hybrid Transitional Pad - STONETOOLS
  • MBH - 5" 125mm - Copper Hybrid Transitional Pad - STONETOOLS
  • MBH - 5" 125mm - Copper Hybrid Transitional Pad - STONETOOLS

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MBH (Metal Bond Hybrid) is a copper bonded transitional pad. Unlike traditional resin pads, MBH is made from copper that will last significantly longer than any resin pad on the market. Copper bond also has significant advantages over resins gives that include the ability to work both wet and dry and are significantly more aversive than resins.  These pads have been designed to ease the transition between the metal grinding stage and the resin honing and polishing stage. 

It is common practice to drop back to 50 grit resin after 100 grit metals due to the deep scratch pattern. This is not necessary with MBH pads as the user can skip the 50 grit and start on 100 grit MBH, significantly reducing time spent on a project without compromising quality.

While the MBH pad is vastly more aggressive than a traditional resin, it produces a subtle scratch pattern, similar to a resin that allows the user to continue on with the next resin grit with out having to drop back down. Therefore, when finishing on 200 MBH the user can seamlessly continue with a 400 grit resin. 

MBH and our RHINO copper bond floor pads are the ultimate solution for removing scratches. Perfect for removing scratches from vacuum brazed and metal bond tooling. 

Size: 125mm / 5"  
Thickness: 3mm
Bond: Copper
Application: Wet or dry
Edge profile: Square
Suitable for: Concrete, Terrazzo, Stone 
Max speed: 4500rpm - not suitable to be used with angle grinders
Flexibility: Moderate
Fitting: Female loop 
Available Grits: 30, 50, 100, 200

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