3 x CK QUICK CHANGE, Concrete Grinding Metal Bond Diamonds Polishing Pad Grinder


  • 3 x CK QUICK CHANGE, Concrete Grinding Metal Bond Diamonds Polishing Pad Grinder - STONETOOLS
  • 3 x CK QUICK CHANGE, Concrete Grinding Metal Bond Diamonds Polishing Pad Grinder - STONETOOLS

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The CK Quick Change Metals feature TWO 40mm x 10mm ( 8cm_ ) metal segments in 30 and 80 grit in soft, medium and hard bonds.



After popular demand and thousands of dollars testing STONETOOLS has branched out into CONCRETE KING. All CK diamond products will perform as good, if not better than all other diamonds on the market, at a fraction of the cost. We buy in huge quantities, you save.


Bolt on metals are a thing of the past, no more rusty or snapped bolts using our quick change technology, all you need is a rubber hammer. The double segment design allows for the perfect balance between cost and performance. These grinding plates are the pad of choice when grinding any concrete surface.


No need for a 120 metals cut with our transitional system, stop on 80 metals, grout with our 50 grit bi-metal then switch to our 100, 200 ceramic followed by 400 and up resins.



Choosing the right bond:


Soft Bond (Gold) Ð The metal matrix segment wears away quickly releasing dull diamonds and exposing new sharp diamonds to cut efficiently. Best used on hard surfaces.


Medium Bond (Red) Ð A metal bond strength between that of soft and hard bonds.


Hard Bond (Black) Ð The bond martix in the segment wears away slowly and prevents premature wear against soft, abrasive surfaces.

Our Guarantee

  • Pride in quality - If its cheap and nasty, you wont find it here. We pride ourselves in supplying the exceptional quality at value for money. All our gear is extensively tested by us and professionals across Australia.
  • Expert advise - Real world expert advise, we still grind and polish stone and concrete using almost exclusively STONETOOLS gear.
  • Education before sale - If your unsure about anything we will always give you all the options and not just sell you the most expensive option or provide advise if there is a more efficient way to handle a project.
  • After sale care - We aren’t going to sell you something and wish you the best of luck, we are here you at any stage of the project.
  • No sales tactic - We are here to gain your trust, not sell you more than you need.
  • Never stop improving - We are constantly testing new products and improving existing products.
  • Shipping - Fast and free shipping on all diamond tooling. We can provide express shipping for a small additional cost. We don’t profit on shipping.
  • Free returns - If you didn’t use a product, sent it back within 30 days for a full refund.

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